Here are samples of the websites we have created. Please feel free to browse.

MSJ Cars

A small business based in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, that wanted to have a professional online presence with a personal touch. It has been integrated with a major retail platform specialising in vehicle sales. We also created the logo for this business, provided design services for printed media including business cards and flyers, and website maintenance by us is ongoing.

Zodiac Leotards

Zodiac Leotards are a clothing manufacturer and retailer based in Kent. Although this company already had a successful brand including a striking logo, they required their own personalised platform to showcase and retail their products due to the ever increasing costs of their former platform. Their monthly retail fee has halved, and their fee per transaction is now around a third of the previous cost. Website maintenance for this site by us is ongoing, however the powerful but easy to use Wix e-commerce platform has enabled the business owners to manage their own stock directly, giving them full flexibility.

LJ C4 Systems

This website was created for a freelance professional working in an extremely specialist field of work. The aim of this site was to provide a simple, continuous single page platform to showcase the skills and experience of this individual. A basic yet attention-grabbing logo was also created as part of this package.